Room in the vicinity of Viikki Campus

Greetings good people! I am a 24 year old girl looking for a room/ accommodation in the vicinity of Viikinkaari campus, as I will commence my studies and will be working as an assistant researcher, in the field of neuroscience both in the Viiki campus. I am tidy, organised and a quiet person who respects privacy, but will be a helpful hand in the household whenever needed! I am originally from India, and am well travelled in Europe and spent the past three years studying and doing research in Poland. I will be grateful for any offers! Please connect with me if you would be able to help. The size of the room is not of huge concern to me, and my budget is currently maximum 400 euros.


Size of the apartment (m²): 1
Rent includes:
Deposit: 500
Number of rooms: 1
Contract type:
Temporary (fixed duration)
On-going (until further notice)
Listing created Jul 5, 2018