35-year-old mature student needs room near Otaniemi

I am in emergency student union accommodation and I am desperate to find a room/flat as soon as possible, for renting until the end of 2017, possibly until the 31st August 2018.

I expect to spend a lot of time at the Aalto University, because I like to stay in the library until late. When I am at home I am friendly but mostly quiet.

I enjoy cooking, sometimes for everyone. I don't mind pets and children, both of which I have lived with before.

I play the guitar for one or two hours a week, but I am happy to work around your schedule.

Since I am over 30 I cannot get a student travel card, so my rent budget depends on location between €300 and €400, bills included. I would be happy to discuss doing extra housework or speaking English with kids, for example, in order to get the price down.

Let me know!

Asunnon koko (m²): 12
Vuokra sisältää:
Takuuvuokra: 350
Huoneiden lukumäärä: 1
Sopimuksen voimassaolo:
Ilmoitus luotu 09.09.2017

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