Apartment Needed (long term)


My girlfriend and I are looking for a long-term rental apartment (min 6 months). We are recent graduates from Aalto University, therefore looking for a new place.

Move-in date can be in January, but can also be in December if we find a place early. Size-wise we are looking for something around 30m2 or bigger. It can be 1 or 2 rooms.

Location is flexible for us but the place should be around 30 mins (max) to Helsinki city center by transit. Our budget is around 800e/month.

We are non-smoking, have no pets, are considerate and quiet.

Let us know if you have a place for us.


Size of the apartment (m²): 30
Deposit: 1600
Number of rooms: 2
Contract type:
Temporary (fixed duration)
On-going (until further notice)
Listing created Oct 10, 2018