Studio/Single/Shared Apartment in Espoo/Helsinki area


I will be studying at Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering for the coming autumn semester starting on 4th September 2017 under a semester exchange program.

I am hoping for a stay from 28th august to around 25th December but if you want start date to be 1st September, it is fine. My budget is around 450 euros maximum.

I am looking for a single room/studio/shared furnished/unfurnished apartment (minimum 20 sq. m.)

Please contact me if you have an offer that is in accordance to the above or similar to it.

About me :- I am peaceful, socializing and clean people. I am easy to talk to. I am obedient and will surely pay rent on time. Most of the time, I would be busy with my semester work and may spend most of the weekdays in campus. On weekends, I may not stay as I will be out exploring the place or gone on tour. Sometimes, I may chill out in the apartment, call some friends along. I am a musician and a poet too. I drink but not too much (never got out of control, always in sensible amounts). There will be no noise issue with me.

I am flexible with any restrictions you would have during my stay in the apartment. I will give advance money too if needed (700 euros maximum).


Sudipto Banerjee

Size of the apartment (m²): 20
Deposit: 700
Number of rooms: 1
Contract type:
Temporary (fixed duration)
On-going (until further notice)
Listing created Aug 6, 2017

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